Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Portrait Art

  I have a few possessions that mean a lot to me; one of those possessions is my old tattered art book that I received when I was about twelve. I dug that book out of a stack of random objects this morning and almost felt like crying just looking at it. The poor thing is now so tattered and it won't be long before my pages of art start falling out. The cover is loose and ripped in various places and the binding is twisted and banged up.

  I very hurriedly started making plans to slip all of those pictures in protective sleeves once they fall out. It simply won't do to let my hours of time and effort go to waste. I was relieved when my dear mumsy went about scanning my favorite pictures for me and printing out copies of the others.
Now I don't feel quite as heartsick whenever I look at my art book.

  I was cheered up a little though to see the progress I made in my art over the past year or so and now I am inspired to bettering my art some more because I am still not anywhere near as good at drawing as I would like to be.

  Here are two of my favorite drawings.


  1. Awesome work! You do a good job of seeing your subject...check out the book "Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. I highly recommend this book. Wish we lived closer to each other...we could have a drawing get together a couple of time a month. I am looking forward to seeing more please!

  2. Sorry, "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain".

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  4. Becky is absolutely right! These are truly marvelous portraits. Very, very good work.


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