Monday, October 17, 2016

I Went on an Adventure

  For a while now we (as in my family) have been planning to go to a home school group where a lot of my friends go. Last Friday was the first day of this semester and I was unbelievably nervous upon arriving at our church where the group meets every week.
  Though quite a lot happened on my first day, I will only be sharing the highlights of my day with you. The highlights not as in only the best of the "good" moments but as in the best of the awkward moments as well.

#1. Upon first arriving, there was only one other family at church so I walked over to the girls from that family. The one girl (I will be calling her Christina) Christina, and I struck up a conversation and she pulled out her phone to show me the pictures of all the people that would be arriving momentarily. Upon seeing that she was confused at how I knew who so many of the people were I told her that my friends on facebook shared lots of  pictures of those people. Later on then, Christina introduced me to Zeke, who was one of her friends. This is how she introduced us, "Zeke this is Rose, and Rose meet Zeke." That was all peaches and cream but then with a big grin Christina turns to Zeke and further says, "Zeke you don't know Rose but she knows you because she stalks everybody on facebook." I was all like awkward grin and thanks a lot Christina.

#2. Christina and I were hanging out later on and just as I was opening my mouth to say something she decided to do a dramatic hair flip and after pulling out her hair from its position stuck in between my teeth I noticed that it tastes like dusty fruit.

#3. I was wearing a navy blue t-shirt with the words of "What's taters, precious?" printed across the front, so when everyone started arriving Giselle walked past me and she stopped short when she noticed my shirt and after a few seconds her eyes opened wide and she said "Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew." I'm supposing you can all guess that we struck up a conversation after that.

#4. There was an absolutely adorable little baby girl named Gabriella that I got to help babysit alongside Christina for an hour or two, that little human melted my heart.

#5. I don't know why but for some strange reason my poor curls were constantly being tugged at by random people. To the point where I threatened to hiss at whoever tugged my curls again. This statement made Christina laugh and so she purposely tugged my curls just to see me hiss.

#6. At chemistry class (a bunch of games based around the periodic table of elements) while seated at my table I looked down at the home printed game currency that was being distributed by a little boy and looked over at my recently acquired friend Sabrina and we suffered from anxiety attacks together from how lopsided the currency was cut out. OCD problems.

#7. While still at chemistry class Wade turns to Sabrina and I and asks if we can whistle with our hands ( he demonstrated a bird whistle by blowing into his hand in some technical method ) I laughed at the very idea of me being able to whistle and at his questioning look I tipped up my head and demonstrated my inability to whistle.

#8. At writing class we did improv and while Kat got to be a clock, Diane was a cherry (poor her), Callie was an alien, Sabrina screamed every time someone said "and", and Lacey was a braid obsessed maniac, I got to be a country girl. Have any of you ever heard my southern imitation? It's hysterical. 

  I'm sure that tonight I will have to sit up abruptly in bed and be like "Aw man, I could have written about this experience too" But since I can't think of what exactly "this " experience is I will just end this post with a hearty southern accented Goodbye.

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  1. Goodbye= Bye y'all, that's how we do it 'round here. I love a southern drawl/accent.
    I wish I had been home schooled. It sounds great.


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