Monday, June 27, 2016

Tis the Season to be Sweaty....

    Ah, Summer! It sneaks up from behind in gentle breezes and then BAM, you're sweltering in insufferable humidity (which is the curly girl's worst enemy), and everything is so sticky and warm you wish you could just hibernate till fall.

  Though heat is tolerable if you don't mind when you're body cries, and the humidity is pleasant if you like big hair, I have developed a not so serious list of everything you can do to avoid all of Summer's terrors.

#1. How to avoid getting sunburned if sprays and creams don't help ~ Wear a sun hat, hold a parasol, and to avoid sun damage on your arms, legs, etc. Wrap yourself in a thick cotton quilt so that the sun cannot penetrate the fibers as easily.

#2. How to escape the heat ~ First nail all of your living room's furniture in-place then glue items such as lamps, ash trays, and so on firmly onto the items that they are resting upon. Then purchase an industrial quality fan and place it against one of your living room walls. (You will find the fan not only cools the room but gives your face the same affects as botox.)

#3. How to avoid sweating ~ Begin by finding a clothespin, once found proceed to place it on your nose and shut your mouth. Count to 1,000 and you'll be sure to be sweat free for the rest of your life.

#4. How to avoid boredom ~ Purchase (or prepare) several lemon meringue pies and invite some friends over. With everyone armed with a pie, proceed to smash them into each other's faces.

   That concludes my list of terrific ideas on how to tackle most of the common problems Summer presents, and with that, I wish you all a wonderful Summer.

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  1. fun read. I believe there is no way of avoiding the heat during summer unless you like living in a box with the air conditioner turn way up, which I do not recommend, you could catch a cold, ha, sorry, bad humor.

    have a lovely day.


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