Thursday, June 16, 2016

Orange Sneakers

  I have had many terrific (and not so terrific) childhood adventures in this one pair of brown sandals. I took them everywhere with me, from sloshing through our creek, trekking through the woods, marching through fields, running away from deranged cattle, rescuing my sister from yellow jackets, laughing, racing, and pretty much just living my life in those sandals.

  A while ago those poor mud-caked brown sandals saw their last day, Those poor things had served me well. I lovingly chucked them away being truly grateful for all that they've brought me through, and decided it was time time to move on.

  One of my friends gave me a pair of orange sneakers not so long ago, and from the very moment I laid eyes on those sneakers I fell in love with them, I could tell with every feeling of assurance that those sneakers would be my new best friend, they have carried me through ravines, ponds, islands, across our barn roof, across the creek, and as they sit down in the basement awaiting our next adventure together I wish many mud-cakes and grass stains for them, and just know that someday those sneakers will carry their badges of adventure every bit as proudly as my brown sandals do now.


  1. Love that picture, though it speaks to me in a little different way.

    The quiet swing, and the empty shoes, the darkening light ....... the picture of a young girl leaving childhood.

    I hope you have a lot more fun adventures in your orange shoes. :)

  2. I enjoy reading your posts and I have nominated you for the Liebster Award.


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