Saturday, June 11, 2016

First Date Fears

  Back in the days when I was a little girl the thing that scared me the most was the dark, well, at least what was in the dark. But now I have come to realize that being scared of what's in the dark is a waste of time, and since I am prone to be "logical" I have now spent my horror on something much worse than the dark, something that haunts me at every turn, First Date Fears.

  I have collected quite a massive list of horrifying possible happenings on first dates and because of all of those possibilities I have decided to spread awareness about FDP (also known as first date phobia) by sharing my list of terrible possibilities.

First Date Fears

Coating my face in food because I ordered something messy

Choking on food

Spewing food or drink in my date's face

Knocking over my glass

Tripping and falling


Getting hiccups

Laughing with food in my mouth

Saying something stupid

Freezing in awkward silence

Snort while laughing

Having nothing to say

Spill food on my clothes

Accidentally insult him

Get lost in thought while he is saying something important

Say something intended as a joke but turns out not funny

Come over-dressed (cocktail dress to play baseball)


  1. Oh, been there and done that. Fortunately, my first date was with somebody I knew from church, so it wasn't a total disaster. We did have a misunderstanding about where we were to meet; I wasn't driving then, and my dad and I were waiting on the wrong side of a building with two doors.

    Rule Number One: NO spaghetti or fried chicken on a first date.
    Rule Number Two: No jewelry that can get caught on, say his sweater sleeve, or the front of your blouse. (Done that - both of them.) Do girls still wear charm bracelets? All that jingle, jangle, jingle can cause hand and arm shaking, which can lead to spilled drinks and the like. Also, if you're not absolutely comfortable in heels, don't wear them. Nothing is quite as mortifying as falling off your shoes!
    Sneezing and hiccups can't be avoided, so worrying about them is a waste of good mental energy.
    As for awkward silences, he's probably as nervous as you are, so don't worry about that. Try to find out what his interests are - does he like sports? What's his favourite team/game? "What do you think of the Oriole's lineup this year?" If he's involved in sports, he'll probably take the conversation and run with it, and you'll be lucky to get a word in "sledgewise", as my eldest used to say.
    Good luck!

  2. I recently went on a 'date' and while I had similar fears, many of them didn't come to reality. I tripped, but I didn't fall. I'm naturally a klutz, so tripping is a normal thing for me. I probably said something stupid, but nothing he didn't laugh at (in a good way). Plus, he's the one who snorts when he laughs, so when I do it, it's not a big deal.

    My love,


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