Saturday, June 6, 2015

Never Trust Pinterest with your Face

     As a teen I am trying to accept the fact that  I struggle with pimples. Everyone knows how evil those swollen little lumps of red are. I have tried different things that didn't work and my Mom got some things, but they also didn't do anything for my condition.

    Then one day while browsing through Pinterest I found this supposedly "wonderful" home remedy for pimples. It called for apple cider vinegar, honey, and egg whites, I was set, I had finally found the perfect pimple solution. I planned the treatment for early the next morning in hopes of having a pimple free face to go to church on Sunday.

     When I awoke the next day I hurried downstairs, skimmed through the recipe and the instructions and set out to make it. I started mixing my ingredients together and making sure to measure them properly I got everything ready and since I have a sister that I am really close to, I had told her about it all and we decided it would be fun to do this together, so Diane met me by the bathroom and we carefully applied the slimy goo to our faces in circular motions, after fighting back a few gags we washed the sticky, slimy, egg whites off our hands and went to our room to relax for ten peaceful minutes.

  "Ooh I can feel it working," I said excitedly.

  " Oh I know, and I hope we look really pretty and our faces smooth" agreed Diane.

   Once the timer rang we  hurried to wash our faces with the recommended "warm" water. We giggled excitedly then scurried to the bathroom to look at our faces in the mirror, after one look we turned to face each other and both screamed in horror, our faces were completely red, blotchy, and puffy.

  "Oh my goodness tomorrow is church" I squeaked frantically.

  " We need to hide, we can't be seen" Diane said while tugging at certain parts of her face.

   We decided that would be the basement. We were hoping it would wear off if we waited long enough, so after playing various games, like hopscotch and jump rope for about an hour we crept upstairs to look at our faces again.

  "I look horrid" I whispered hopelessly.

  "So do I" Diane said encouragingly.

  After looking at each other again we burst into gales of laughter, pointing and laughing at each other we walked into the living room and started laughing again since somehow everyone was sitting in there reading and immediately looked up at us. Of course their feeble attempts to cheer us up were marred by the fact that they had to laugh every time they looked at us.

  So that is why you should never trust Pinterest with your face, that is unless you think this whole experience would be an absolutely marvelous bonding experiment for you and your sister, friend, or Mother.


  1. Bless your heart, I hope by Sunday morning you both were fresh as daisies ;) Thanks for the warning, I saw a similar recipe on pinterest for facial hair remover. I think I'll pass trying it ;) Blessings

  2. Bless your heart, I hope by Sunday morning you both were fresh as daisies ;) Thanks for the warning, I saw a similar recipe on pinterest for facial hair remover. I think I'll pass trying it ;) Blessings

  3. LOL - you poor thing! There were a lot of emotions during that experiment, but you both ended up laughing and that's the best. I think we can all relate, that's for sure. I wish I knew the answer, and I've even heard using toothpaste helps. I don't know if it does or not, but if not, your face would at least be minty fresh! ;) You'd have to talk to your mom but I used to buy a little tube of concealer (I think they even have some for teens and it's in a little tube like lipstick), by Cover Girl or one of those, and I'd keep it in my purse. It doesn't actually make it go away but a tiny dab just makes it less noticeable. Tell your mom not to kill me for suggesting that! haha I actually still keep some in my purse. Great post and your blog is adorable!!

  4. Oh, this brings back memories of trying new and "not yet tested" methods way back when... Some things span generations and years and our faces are definitely one of those things... Ugh! I have found other bloopers on Pinterest. Thanks to you and your mom for sharing this, so a few other teens may be spared!

  5. Brings back lots of memories for certainly made me smile...thanks for sharing!

  6. My sister is my best friend, too... And this totally reminds me of all the silly things we used to do!

    As for good complexion remedies... Avoid sugar and chocolate. No pop or even juices... Including orange juice, etc... Those are full of sugar. Instead, keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. And, I've heard if you eat Granny Smith Apples, the green ones.. You will have great skin. Please know, though, these apples are rather tarty, but I've acquired a love for them, and I'll fix it alongside a honey crisp apple and share with family.

    Enjoyed your post so much!
    God bless, Net

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  7. I can relate to this experiment in a different way. I am older, as in grandma/great grandma age. I wasn't trying to get rid of blackheads or pimples but I did try this mask. I think it was about facial hair. Anyway, when it was dry, for some reason, I tried peeling it off. I thought it was going to pull off my skin! It did not remove any facial hair either. I'm glad you and sis could just laugh about the lesson learned.


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