Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1.  Have you ever spent time on a farm? Tell us a little bit about it. Have you ever grown your own pumpkin? Been on a hayride? Driven a tractor? Milked a cow?

  As far as I know, I have spent my entire life living on farms. I remember nothing about the first farm that I lived on, but the others are brimming with memories. I remember feeding a calf early one morning with a bottle. My dad told me that the calf would butt its head at the bottle so I would need to hold it firmly. Of course I tried, but then, as soon as its stubborn little head barrelled into me I lost my balance and fell backwards right into the big red milk bucket. Though I wasn't at the time, I am very amused at the memory now.

  I have never been on a hayride unless you count sliding off of a hay bale, I have never driven a tractor though I have rode on several, and I have never milked a cow.

2. What's something younger you would like about you now? 

  As a young girl I resolved that at fifteen years of age I would make my first meal which would be biscuits and gravy. Now as I look at that goal, I have to smile and think of how proud my young self would have been to know that now that I'm "a young lady" I know how to make a lot more than biscuits and gravy. Where instead of being scared about making a meal, I'm scared at the idea of making puff pastry. 

3. What are three things you'd like to do more often? Three things you'd like to do less often?

  I would love to read more often, not that I don't already read a lot but one can never read too much, then I would love to take more walks, and write, writing stories and books has slowed down dramatically over the summer. I would love very much if I didn't do Algebra as often, and awful as it sounds, French isn't that great either, then other than that I would love to do less dishes, the sad fact concerning dishes is that they never end. 

4. What's on your nachos?

  I love sour cream, then after that I don't really care. 

5. What's the most random thing in your purse or wallet? Does it need to stay there?

  The most random? Oh dear, I'm extremely random so this will be hard. But the most random thing in my purse is a bright red leaf. There is a story behind that leaf. I was wandering around all on my lonesome after being dismissed from some class. With no one to talk to I skipped around outdoors for ages, humming, singing french songs, talking to a dog named Abby,  pretending that I was in "The Sound of Music", and admiring all of the flora,  while walking past some bushes I spotted a brilliant red leaf laying on the ground, like me it was all by itself, but that didn't stop its color from shining forth. I picked it up and tucked it into my purse with a smile.

6.  Insert your own random thought here. 

  As promised, I must tell you how my sourdough bread turned out. Let me say this, when I first opened the oven door and tapped the tops of the loaves I was horrified at how solid they were.
I turned them out of the pans with no small bit of trepidation, and was indescribably relieved when the bread turned out perfectly fine, but with a sturdy crust that would make any bread baker proud. The bread itself gets more and more sour with each passing day, a fact I love. My favorite way to eat it is toasted and topped with homemade butter. 

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  1. Hello, I enjoyed reading your answers to the Hodgepodge. You win so far on having the most random thing in your purse! Yippee for your ventures in the kitchen. Now pass me a slice of that sourdough with butter on it please. Happy weekend to you. ellen b.-The Happy Wonderer


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