Monday, December 5, 2016

Awk + Awe ~ November

  I know that I haven't posted an Awk + Awe in quite some time and the reason behind that is that I was simply far too busy and by the time I had remembered that I needed to make an Awk + Awe post it was already too late. So let's just ignore the fact that it is already December the fifth and continue.

  I believe that most of you already know that I have been part of a home school group for the past few months and considering my natural tendencies to find myself in awkward situations, you can most likely imagine the doozie of a time that I've had at my home school group.

  •  I was sitting there quite calmly in my chair at my home school group, busily conversing with Christina and Wade as well as several other of my friends, as you know, I have quite a mess of curls on top of my head and so naturally they were in my way. I reached to sweep my hair back and my fingers caught onto the necklace I was wearing and I nearly choked myself with it. Christina didn't seem to be concerned and Wade definitely wasn't since he burst out laughing.
  •   One class that I have at my home school group is acting class. All of us kids were sitting around the auditorium being taught how to project our voices (out teachers find passing a mike around to be sloppy and unprofessional.) I happen to love acting so memorizing my script for our Christmas play was tons of fun. I have this one problem though, it seems that whenever I become extraordinarily excited or nervous, my nose starts to bleed. So imagine this, there I was, I had just finished acting out one of my parts and all of a sudden my nose started to bleed. Giselle, who had been sitting beside me, didn't really catch on to what was happening, but I must have made a scene and a half (which is hysterical since it's acting class) whilst I fled the room to the restrooms. 
  • This next awkward moment occurred the very next class after my nosebleed during acting class. I was sitting in another classroom explaining to Sabrina how my nose had bled during acting class. "Oh, so that explains what that stuff was dribbling down your chin" she said with a gag. I smiled, because I couldn't help it, it's not every day I flee an acting class. I could still taste the bitter rusty acid taste of blood in the back of my throat and that terrible taste caused me to cough quite vehemently for a second or two. "Are you okay?" Sabrina had asked with a look of genuine concern. "Yes, I'm fine," I said, and in a British accent I added "I"m just coughing because I had a bloody nose, and a bloody throat, and a bloody face in general." Sabrina chose that moment to scoot back in her chair in mock horror. I suppose my British did get too carried away.
  •  Somehow I seem to have the very worst luck with bringing awkwardness upon myself. My most unfortunate moment at my home school group happened during writing class. It was all completely innocent. I was sitting at the table scribbling away at a story, quite fervently too, and a sharp flash of light caught my eye. I looked up to see what it was and it turns out that there was a glitter on Carter's lips. "There's a glitter on your lips" I spoke before I had time to think. He reached up to remove it and then halted, "Wait, why were you looking at my lips?" he asked. I could have died right then and there. Like I said, it was completely innocent, but nevertheless, that was one of the most awkward moments I have ever had in my life.
  • I love the Sundays of Advent, and one traditional thing that my church does is to have communion each Sunday during Advent. It's no big deal but knowing me, I still had a chance to provide an awkward moment. I was walking down the aisle, in line behind a lot of other people but right behind a particularly tall man. I suppose I must have become distracted with looking off across the room at some lady tucking up her hair because before I knew what was happening, my nose smacked straight into the extraordinarily sharp shoulder blades of the man in front of me. I have just come to the conclusion that lines are not my thing.

  •   As you already know, I love acting, so I found it quite awesome when my acting teachers commended my acting. It was one of those warm and fuzzy moments.
  • Right now I am only four days away from the big day at my home school group, known as the night of the play. I am extremely excited.
  • Another one of my awesome things is the fact that I am now reading Anne of Green Gables again, I used to love those books and apparently they are still every bit as good now, if not better since I can actually understand what I am reading, so that to me is a pretty awesome thing.
  • Something else that I find to be pretty awesome is the fact that I get to bake some desserts to bring to the play this week. I love baking so I'm excited, in fact I have already planned to take chocolate chip cookies and chocolate peppermint cupcakes. I can hardly wait.

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