Friday, September 4, 2015

If I were.....

  If I were a plant I would be a fern because gently swaying in the wind with long curly, feather like leaves sounds perfectly dreamy.

  If I were a tree I would be a weeping willow because I love them quite dearly and making a lovely shady spot for someone to read under sounds like a lot of fun.

  If I were a flower I would be a red rose, I love how they seem perfectly perfect and being given to someone dear to admire doesn't sound half bad.

  If I were a gemstone I would be a sapphire because their brilliantly glassy look has always captivated me and quite frankly being a shimmery blue stone would be fun.

  If I was a piece of furniture I would be a bookcase, I could spend hours and hours with books just like I always wanted to.

  If I were weather I would be sunny and fill every nook and cranny with glowing warmth to brighten the world.

  If I were a sea animal I would be a dolphin and spend my days splashing, jumping and playing in large waves and having the time of my life.

  If I were a color I would choose to be lavender because a color so lovely and creamy purple would be a marvelous color to be.

  If I was an animal I would be llama, standing around around chewing vigorously would be fun, not to mention being able to spit on anyone I wanted and just have people think it was my defense mechanism.

  If I were an emotion I would be joy and fill peoples days with cheerful anticipation, extreme happiness, and big smiles.

  If I were a scent I would be the scent that lingers after it rains in the mountains, a deep earthy, woody smell that exudes clean freshness.

  If I were a fruit I would be a plum and hang onto a tree with my purple plumpness drawing the eyes of many a hungry wanderer.

  If I were a vegetable I would love to be a pea and nestle in a vegetable shell with my family sleeping the day away.

  If I were a Taste I would love to be salty, food without out salt is a sad affair indeed and bursts of salty flavor dancing across one's tongue would be splendid.

  If I were a beverage I would be water and quench peoples thirst's with my life sustaining clear self.


  1. I love all the choices you made...such lovely thoughts and feelings!

  2. I love all the choices you made...such lovely thoughts and feelings!


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