Tuesday, September 8, 2015

There's Trouble in the Air

  I am sure that on my parents wedding day they dreamed of days spent together doing positively perfectly dreamy things, of course they do spend some marvelous moments together like on a hike, a vacation, and an occasional picnic or two.

  Fast forward sixteen plus years to last evening and you will find our family gathered in the living room reading. Mom is working on writing a book, and there's random chit-chatting. It was a relatively hot day our windows were wide open allowing the breeze to float across the living room's occupants, now no such perfect scene can last very long and indeed it didn't for into the living room buzzed a curious yellow jacket and started its inspection, the following five seconds were filled with an ear piercing shriek as the yellow jacket decided to rest on my Mom's lamp leaving her to hide under a blanket, of course it was Dad to the rescue as he calmly eliminated the troublesome yellow jacket. Mom was quite grateful having such a splendid husband!

  I don't know about you but doesn't that sound every bit as dreamy and heroic as they always wanted it to be? I think it does.


  1. I almost burst out laughing!! But I am also afraid of bees... I suppose my dreamy husband would have killed it just like he did the big spider that was in my washing machine.... Thanks for the picture of Dad getting the bee.. and is that mom under a white blanket? ;-)

  2. Oh, that would just be AWEFUL to have a yellow jacket in the house! We have had a few bees in our house, and that is always a scary experience! Yah for the yellow jacket slayer!

  3. Well, Miss...you are following well in your Mother's authoress footsteps! Keep up the good work!


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