Thursday, August 13, 2015

The House of Many Faces

  Our house is filled with many faces. I don't know if other people see faces in almost everything, but I do.

  So today I am going to show you all just a few of the faces that live in our house and to start it off here is our adorable face that smiles at us all in our living room.

  Then we have a very annoying face that resides in our upstairs bathroom, it is always very hard to try taking a comfortable bath with this snoopy thing staring bug-eyed right at you.

  And last but most definitely not the least is this charmingly gruesome monster that rules the refrigerator, scowling at anyone who opens the door.


  1. Hello Little Bits of Lovely,
    Your blog is so cute! I wanted to add a Google Friend Connect button on the right sidebar of my blog,, but I could not figure out how. Would you mind walking me through the steps?
    With love in Christ,

  2. I also see faces in furniture or other items like you do. Nice to know I'm not the only one seeing those faces.


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