Monday, February 12, 2018

Catching Up....

     A few things have been happening in my busy little corner over here, and I've been doing a terrible job of keeping you updated. Apparently it's never a good idea to decide to read "one chapter" of a good book before sitting down to write a blog post, because, the post never gets made.
     Now it is time for me to regale all of the the little things that have been going on around here.

        Little Things That Have Been Going On Around Here (don't you just love my creative title?)

  1. Even though I somehow forgot to tell you about it, around two weeks ago I had a birthday. It was  a lovely day too and though I know it's not important, I did get some really lovely gifts. I believe one of my very favorite ones was this little gem. 
  2. A few of my family members were suffering from the flu last week and because of it various fun events were canceled on our agenda. Thankfully we're all better now and I'm glad that my sickness of the year is now past.
  3. The Olympics have begun and I'm so excited about them, the Winter Olympics are far more enjoyable to watch than the Summer Olympics, at least in my book they are (let's all ignore the irony of watching anything in anyone's book) 
  4. I have finally gotten around to writing letters again. I always end up having much more fun writing letters than I imagine I will beforehand. Speaking of which, I have officially four letters to write this week. Possibly more. 
  5. Last night my brother went to gym night, and I would have gone along but I had just been sick on Saturday and it didn't seem decent to endanger a bunch of other people's good health, so I stayed back as a responsible citizen simply doing what was best for her fellowman.
  6. I have been inventing a heap of different quinoa recipes out of my desperation to use up the huge batch of quinoa I had made a little while ago. It seems I'll be having quinoa fritters, cakes, wraps, meat balls, stir-fries, and stews for quite a few meals yet. It ought to be nicknamed the never-ending grain.
  7. Our kitchen's thermometer has been misbehaving for quite some time now, it is blatantly ignoring the snow spotted ground and declaring it to be ninety degrees outdoors.
  8. Despite my best efforts to love my enemies, I can't muster even the tiniest bit of affection for my Algebra studies. I thought that advanced Algebra has to be a piece of cake compared to the Geometry struggles I endured, but if it is cake, I shudder to ask what the ingredients are. 
  9. And something that hasn't happened yet, but I'm looking forward to, this Friday I believe, we will be going to the library again. Some people are ecstatic about traveling to Spain, Italy, Greenland, France, and the like (which I don't blame them) but I'm ecstatic about visiting the library, I have big plans, big plans indeed.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Your cookbook looks amazing and the recipes sound very interesting...Goat Cheese Cigars? Burnt something...LOL I have never eaten quinoa and I have no desire to try it :-/ Glad you're all feeling better. Sure with it was 90 out here too in Northern Minnesnowta...ha! Wendy


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