Saturday, November 26, 2016

My Dear Diary ~ A Morning Spent Shopping

  I don't know about you, but to me spending an afternoon, or evening, or whenever really, scribbling away in my diary is a pretty perfect way to use up my time and document my life in a pleasing and enjoyable manner. Even though the idea of having my life recorded is terrific, it is the fact that I can write absolutely whatever I fancy at the moment into my diary that makes me love it so much. Plus, my diary is like a friend to me, however strange that may sound.

  Now I did not plan to go about making a blog post consisting of nothing but yapping about my diary so I shall not turn it into that now. My point for writing this post was to tell you about my morning that I spent shopping, I am only giving you a proper introduction to my diary because today you shall get to meet her because I have had a pretty terrific morning that can only be told to you properly if I go and share my diary entry about it with you.

  But, before I begin, there is one thing that you must know about my diary, and that particular bit of information is that her name is Arabella, I don't know why I chose that name but she looked a bit British so I went with it.

  Now that I have given you that vital bit of information I can share my morning with you just as I did with Arabella. Well, everything but my handwriting, which you can be glad you don't have to view since this font is a lot more legible.

Dear Arabella,

  Though it is only 3:27 in the afternoon, I was in the mood to write so here I hideout in my room, secluded efficiently from most of reality. Isn't that terrific?!
  This morning at around nine, Mum whisked Diane, Sean, and I off to to go about some shopping for Christmas supplies and various other items.
  My lower back was doing a splendid job of hurting and throbbing uncontrollably, so that made for an interesting ride into town. I didn't care too much though, because everyone knows that physical comfort is overrated. #sarcasm
  Once we had arrived at the store Mum led us all to the Christmas section of the store which seemed to be branched off as another building. That building had frequently opened doors so lots of cheery birds were flying around chirping incessantly. I was in awe of all the supplies in the Christmas department, we browsed for a while and Mum selected several rolls of wrapping paper and a large container of gorgeous ornaments. I could have spent hours in that department doing nothing but sighing over perfectly darling ornaments and so on.
   Sadly however, we left to finish up the rest  of our shopping . Since it's Christmas season, there were exceeding amounts of elf balloons everywhere. They were floating over shelves, and peeking from behind boxes, and some were basking in the warmth of the ceiling lights. Sean didn't seem overly impressed about them, but that only amused me.
  Mum took us to select winter boots then and I have to admit that I was a touch upset over how Mum made me get a pair of boots suited for orcs instead of a lovely pair that I wanted. I believe as Mum put it "you have to be practical, you're using these outside in the snow, it's not like you're using them to go to church or something." Can you believe that?! I'd much rather be cold and stylish than warm and sporting boots that orcs would fancy.
  However, Arabella, all thoughts of fashion problems were soon forgotten when I arrived to the tea section and was informed that I could select anything that suited my fancy. Naturally I chose the "English Breakfast Tea" knowing that once I arrived at home that Dad and I would have to thoroughly look over the assets of the tea, noting it's flavour notes and so on.
  Once we had checked out and were leaving, the store's greeter took one look at our tub of ornaments and immediately began telling Mum how he decorated his tree with purple ornaments and how the tinsel we had selected didn't actually look that pretty on the tree. Mum tried to politely edge away from all of his excessive chatter but that man followed us right along. I don't know exactly why but he struck one of my many absurd funny bones.

  That was only an excerpt from my diary but I believe it served to tell you about my morning spent shopping. You see, sometimes I can explain things better to Arabella than anyone else.


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