Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Time is Coming.

  With Christmas merrily prancing towards us I feel that it is only appropriate to start making Christmas inspired posts. After all, my favorite holiday deserves a spot on my blog.
  Every single year around Christmas time the house bursts with Christmas Spirit, the smell of baking Christmas treats wafts through the house, Christmas songs are being sung loudly by my little brother, our Christmas tree shimmers and twinkles when Sean crawls under to light the tree, homemade gifts are stuffed every where and pretty much everyone is bursting with all the secrets they can hardly keep to themselves. Goodness I love Christmas!

  But like every single Christmas before this one there is always one big problem, what ever am I supposed to give to my Dad and brothers, men are such hard to shop for people. I always manage to scratch something together last minute but all the frantic thinking just about wears my brain out.

  This year all of us "children" are making homemade gifts for each other, I have literally spent hours creating things, and now if only I knew what to make for my Dad and Eldon I'd be all set. Maybe tonight as midnight arrives a twinkling star will shoot past my bedroom window and glorious inspiration will suddenly take root in my mind. They say if you wish upon a Christmas star......

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