Saturday, February 7, 2015

Popcorn Balls

 This delicious snack has always held a special place in my heart, whether they are blue, pink, orange, or green, they are one of my all time favorite treats, and since my mother has just recently made a batch of the delightfully sticky and orange ( which happens to be my favorite flavor ) popcorn corn balls, I have decided to share the recipe with you.

Popcorn Balls

½ cup butter
80 marshmallows
½ cup of your favorite flavor jello
1 cup popcorn kernels

 Pop all your popcorn kernels and pour into a large, liberally greased bowl. 
In a big pot completely melt your butter, once your butter has melted add your marshmallows, stir until the marshmallows are almost all melted then add your jello and stir until well combined, pour your marshmallow mixture over your popcorn and stir until popcorn is coated.

 We like to have a bowl of cold water beside the gooey mixture to dip our hands in, and then form balls with our popcorn ( the cold water keeps the mixture from sticking to our hands ) after each popcorn ball is formed dip your hands into the water again, then place your popcorn balls onto sheets of wax or parchment paper.


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